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Wow the Basement leadership meeting was on FIRE last night. "You get on fire for God and people will want to come watch you burn!" Shine your light even when you don't think you are, keeping shining! Worship was off the charts! It was so amazing to be around all these amazing people on fire for God, just worshipping him, hearts fully abandoned to Him. Chills just thinking about it. I stayed until about ten p.m. after the meeting because we all fellowship and hangout in the lobby near the sanctuary afterwards. It totally filled my love cup.
I am still on the job hunt for something part time and flexible so I can focus on ministry. Completely trusting God with His plan and His provision. He is providing, He will provide, He has always provided. I know that He will bring me the perfect job for Malorie. Tailor-made. I give it over to Him because He can do it much better than I can. "With man things are impossible, but with God all things are possible." He has got it all figured out, planned out, pre-ordained and destined. Thank you for that God! Takes a lot of pressure of my little old me. I just have to suit up and show the footwork, so to speak.
I have a meeting with the Editor of Birmingham Magazine next Friday, which I am very excited about. This could open up some great doors, opportunities and experience for freelance writing and also getting my book published eventually. God's timing : )

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