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Matt Pitt. Speechless. period.

Speechless is the word of the day. Week. Month. God leaves me speechless. He is breath-taking! He literally takes my breath away. His glory is revealed everyday if you truly look for it, He will pour it out onto you. I have been so busy doing stuff for God that I haven't spent good quality time resting in His presence for a day. I read His word and spend time with Him every morning, but I was longing for more. After being trapped in His presence at the Monday night leadership meeting, I was craving more of Him. Nichole and I just sat trapped in God's presence worshipping until 10:30 pm...we were the last two people in the sanctuary. We just sat at Jesus feet and cried, amazed by His glory. He carried us both across the country, together united in Him. He did not separate us! As we just sat there, crying, loving God, loving each was beautiful. Words cannot even express or do it justice. Only me, nichole and God will ever know what happened in the sanctuary that night. God wanted it that way, it is a bond, an intimate memory we will only share with Him. Wow! Are you kidding me?!? Sometimes I still cannot believe I am here. It is like I am watching someone else's life from the outside looking in. It is like an out of body experience.
One year ago in September, I put a piece of paper in my God said "God please just put me on the radar at the Basement." He really goes above and beyond when answering our prayers. Not only did He put me on the radar, but I am a part of the Basement family now. I pinch myself sometimes when I sit in the meetings, when I go to dinner's with the girls on the team...etc. I stand amazed more and more at how He has changed my life. Unashamed has been going strong for three weeks now, we are packing out the upper sanctuary room so much that our next service will be moved to the main sanctuary/hall. Only God could do that. The world calls this generation the "unreachable's" but GOD is reaching them...through us?!?! He is using a bunch of messed up kids that love the Lord to reach millions, to bridge the generational gap. Setting them on fire for God! So many miracles have been happening that I found myself overwhelmed when sitting down to write this. I could not possibly put it all into words, but it is so real and it is happening all around me.
I have been working round the clock for Linda, interior design jobs, cds, mission work, making flyers, putting together a few's a lot. God is doing most of it through me, and thank God for amazing friends and ministry sisters that are always willing to lend a helping hand. Not only willing but desiring to serve and help others all the time. Thank you God for my amazing sisters!! I am learning so so so much! New jobs, tasks and experiences are surely prepping and equipping me for the next level. I am really excited about my church family too! Betsey (one of my spiritual mama's) leads an amazing bible study prayer group once a week that I attend. She has invited me over to her home for brunch with her family after church on Sunday. Lovely! Went to Montgomery last weekend with Linda to do mission work : ) The Basement is this upcoming Tuesday, it's going to be huge! Then back to Unashamed the following tuesday. Thursday nights is Unashamed in to go with Katelyn and my sweet Nichole last night.
Been also meeting with Mari Beth- the youth pastor at Mt. Top- once a week. She is an amazing young woman and leader. Excited to see what God has in store there for us. Connie's ministry is officially up and running, I am so proud of her and so blessed to get to serve with her! Nichole, me, Katelyn and Kelly are going to be helping her ministry. There is an upcoming concert on Oct. 9th for Leah Faith (amazing worship leader) and we are going to help with that. Linda, Connie and I went to an awesome healing service last week, and we are going to meet again next week to work on a women's convention...can I say busy?!?! Which is exactly why I need a down day to just sit in God's lap and rest in His peace and refuge. He is restoring me so that I can pour out and serve and give. I really miss worshipping and sharing music with my beautiful mama. I was worshipping this morning and I started crying because I miss our car rides to and from church. So God just told me to see if she was available to skype with we worshipped via cool is that?!?! It was exactly what I needed and so much more!!!! Now if I could just get my grandparents to skype worship with me : ) I used to go to their house and sit in the back room with grampa and listen to southern gospel music for an was awesome!!! Miss that!!! Cannot wait to share music when I get home for the holidays! It will be glorious! And this is why I want to be a worship leader...because you lead people into the presence of God and that experience with them changes them forever. The end.

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