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Answered prayers

I have been asked to sing at the Women's event/conference on Friday October 15th at Mt. Top Church. : ) Yipee!!! God answers prayers really quickly. I just put this prayer in my prayer box..."God please open a door-opportunity for me to use my gift to glorify you." The next day I got the call! WOW!!! Power of prayer and faith!!! I am soo excited! I also was given the opportunity to sing at the Prayer Banquet last tuesday...I sang "This is our God" one of my favorite songs that I sang at CCF (my Cali home church). Miss ya'll soooo much!!!! Nichole is going to be my guest at the event friday so I will try to convince her to record it for my family...haha well for my mom and grandma mainly. HAHAH they always love that! Thank God for technology! Excited about Unashamed tonight. We just moved to the brand new large theater because we were packing out the upper sanctuary with college kids...amazing!!! I am sure you could tell from the pictures I posted a few weeks ago. So now we are blessed to be in the new beautiful theater and we were filled to the brim last is only gonna get excited! "If it's God's will it's God's bill." Where He guides He provides.
The Leah Faith concert last saturday was amazing, and I am so thankful that I got to go and I brought my new friend wilma with me too! Here are some pictures of me and wilma at the Basement a couple weeks ago. : ) She is a ray of sunshine in my life!!!!

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