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At the Basement Christmas party, right after taking a group photo with Matt-he introduced me to this little boy named Sam. He is eight years old. Matt began explaining to me that Sam had walked to Church of the Highlands on tuesday November 30th-"unknowingly wandered there"...God had a plan. Sam had no idea what the Basement was...he did not even know what he was about to walk into. I can definitely relate!!! I had no idea what I was about walk into when I took Nichole to that concert in 2009! WOW! But God knew! I believe that God hand-carried me there... just as he did Sam. So Sam stumbled into this huge building, packed with fired up people from around the world. Somehow he makes his way into the service and has his first Basement experience. He was touched by the love of God and had a real experience with God. It was no longer something to believe in, "It's gotta be more like falling in love, than something to believe in." God brought Sam to his knees, and led him to his salvation.
Sam was able to meet Matt and hangout with him after the service. He poured his heart out to Matt and told him all that he had been going through leading up to this moment of salvation. God's grace was all over Sam. Remembering that Sam is only 8 years old, Matt tells me how Sam was doing drugs up until this point on that Tuesday night. An eight year old. Totally lost, hooked on drugs, emotionally and physically unavailable parents...and in his wandering and searching and longing for more-all he found were drugs as a coping mechanism. He did not have anyone to share God's grace, love and mercy with him...nor had he ever tasted such things. Once Sam was able to taste & see God's goodness, he did not want to go back to drugs. I am happy to tell you that Sam has not returned to those things. Once he experienced Jesus, he found that nothing else was better...Jesus was and is better than any high or any drug or anything else this world could offer Sam. WoW!! As Matt told me this, I looked at Sam and was astonished. I could not believe that this innocent little boy had been through such a storm, and then to see and hear what God had just saved him from. It took my breath-away. It was also so beautiful to see how Matt had taken Sam under his wing and was being a big brother to him. Matt said that him and Sam had been hanging out ever since that tuesday night, and that he invited Sam to the Basement Christmas party. What an experience for this little boy!!! God has such a HUGE plan for Sam! I am so thankful for Matt...he is just so humble and sweet and gentle with Sam, and with everyone he encounters.

‎"I want you to get out there and walk--better yet, RUN!-- on the road God called you to travel. I dont want any of you sitting around on your hands. I don't want anyone strolling off, down some path that goes nowhere." --Ephesians 4:1 (MSG)

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