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Highlight from the Basement


The Basement May 31st was Amazing!
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Here are some highlights from The Basement Service that was held May 31st. We saw many lives changed at the event, as well as testimonies through our facebook page, and there is no telling how many lives were impacted through the livestream on the internet. We had a youth pastor that traveled 16 hours from South Africa just to experience The Basement live. He has been watching The Basement and modeling his youth service after The Basement and Matt's messages. His youth service has grown from 80 to 800 students weekly!!! That's a single testimony of what God is doing through The Basement as it is broadcast all over the world! Click below to see a youtube video of that youth group in South Africa that you helped inspire!

South Africa Youth Group Inspired by The Basement!

Below are a few highlights from the basement service:

  • Over 50 different youth groups registered and attended the service live. We are unifying the body of Christ!
  • Over 5000 computers tuned in to our live feed on the internet. (We know of a few gym size groups that live feed it into their own service, so 5000 is a bit misleading! There are many more people included in that 5000.)
  • Among those 5000 17 countries are represented.
  • 7000 different page views on our website from 26 different countries that day.

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