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Nuggets from the Basement

Okay wow that Basement just keeps getting better and better...because GOD is the BEST!!!! He is being glorified more and more each time!!!! I have to share some "nuggets" from last night's service! Whatever is not in "quotes" is my added commentary and thoughts from the service...enjoy!!! All for God's glory!

"Passion is your voice! Courage is your hands!!! A little bit of courage everyday and you'll be unstoppable!"-matt pitt.
He said this during worship. Passion was/is our voice rising, singing out and worshipping God...we were united as one voice for Him! It was beautiful to hear everyone singing. Then to see all the hands raised up to God. That's the courage. Our voice was the passion, our hands the courage. It takes courage to stand unashamed and raise your voice and your hands for God. Especially when the world is watching. When there are many skeptics, people questioning, doubting, persecuting you for your belief in Him, making fun of you or calling you a 'crazy christian.' What a gift to give our God, to stand firm anyways, regardless of the opposition, and raise our hands no matter what! For HIM, for His glory. All you need is a little courage, a mustard seed of faith. Don't be afraid, God is with you and for you, who can be against you? Who wants to go up against God? God is on your side!

"The cure for everything is God"-Matt Pitt

"God's gonna do it, you just get to help Him"...whatever it is you are afraid of. Whatever it is God has instructed you to do...that you feel you are 'not good enough' to don't have to do it...God IS going to do it regardless. You just GET to help Him. You get to be a part of it, partnering with Him! He will do it, just take the first step, the leap of faith...He'll take the rest. He'll carry you!

"We are HOPE dealers, bringing the Good News!" We are dealing HOPE to the world!

**God's LOVE is infectious!!!**

"Passion! What if God depends on us, on our passion? It's contagious. It changes everything. Infect others with HIS passion!!!!"

"God's not mad at you, He's mad about YOU! He loves you no. matter. what." Nothing can separate you from the Father's love!
"The Lord is like a Father to His children, tender & compassionate to those who fear Him" -Psalm 104:13
We can't bargain with God, where we come from we don't have enough to bargain with...that is why God sent His son to die for us. The ultimate bargain, the ultimate sacrifice! You cannot mess up grace or mercy! Just humbly receive it, with a thankful heart, one day at a matter what! It's a gift!!!!

"Worship refuels you!" It doesn't have to be all day, but everyday...YES! Everyday...just a little, or a lot...once you start you don't wanna stop! You start worshipping and you feel refreshed, renewed, refilled, re-energized! Take it back to basics...keep it simple. One day at a time, everyday! Stay connected to the Life source. A flower out of its soil and water will wither and die, but in its life source-sun, water, will God wants to sustain you that way, everyday!

There is more...I will write another blog soon! If you didn't get to watch, hope you can next time : )

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