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MTV out world!!!!!

Now this is WORSHIP!!!!!! This is from the Basement last! Beautiful!!!! I am soo excited for the Basement to be moving to the BJCC in a couple weeks. July 26th the THROWDOWN is going to be EPIC!!!!!!! Goodness I wish I could go sooo badly!!!! I was telling people the other day, this is going to go down in history. All for God's glory!!!!! WOW! I need some ruby red slippers so I can click* click* and BOOM Home Sweet Home Alabama...either that or some frequent flyer miles...hahah! If it's God's Will it's God's bill. His timing is perfect. He is always on time, never late and always worth the wait!!!!! I will for sure be praying for the WHOLE Basement team and for all the souls God brings to the BJCC as well as watching the LIVE stream via:

Please don't miss this one...if you haven't watched yet....THIS IS THE ONE to watch. It is going to be bigger than ever...not even Celine Dion could pack out the BJCC....but God just wait and watch!!!!!

Don't change the STATION, bc this generation, Gods about to change the NATION.

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