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Sneak Peak of 2nite...EPIC!!!!

YOU ARE invited!!!!!!!!! SNEAK PEAK of tonight!!!! GAH!!! Can't believe it's finally here!!!!! We've been waiting for this moment ALL year!!!!! LOVE is the best sermon anyone will ever experience. Get 2 THE BASEMENT U R guaranteed 2 experience GODS Love like NEVER before! EPIC LOVE

Here is a SNEAK PEAK of tonight's service at the BJCC!!!!! THE THROWDOWN!!! It is literally going to be EPIC!!!! Completely free...bc all these amazing leaders have servants hearts for the LORD and just want to volunteer and serve God to spread the gospel...spread the Word...spread HIS love to the whole world. We have been waiting and praying for this night all year...since last summer when I remember Matt telling us at a leadership meeting. It was the month that my mom was in town visiting...while we were worshipping with the team, Matt told us we would be at the BJCC in one year...WOW!!!! Look how it came into fruition...God is soo amazing!!! If it's Gods will its Gods bill!!!! He did ALL this...ALL GLORY TO HIM! There is no way a bunch of messed up, broke college kids could have done any of is all the Lords favor and HIS Almighty strength! He just blows me away more and more every single day. He really does fulfill each and every one of His promises...and goes above and BEYOND!!!!
I'm glad that the biggest dreams of ours are impossible...but they're so small to the God we serve and He makes them possible! Yeahh!! Hold onto those promises! He made you a promise and He is faithful to keep it...don't give up!!!

"Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it." Ezra 10:4--In 1 day, we take courage and wake up the city of B'ham, the state, and a nation! JUST DO IT!

You, O Lord are their glorious STRENGTH. Our power is based on Your FAVOR. Our protection comes from the LORD-Ps. 89:17
#praying #FIREDUP

The Most High will personally BLESS THIS CITY-Ps.87:5
All the NATIONS will come & bow down before YOU, LORD & praise YOU-Ps.86:9
#thebasement #throwdown #epic


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