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Highlights from GAME TIME at the BASEMENT

"It doesn't matter how many steps back you make in the wrong way, it only takes one step to get in the Game! Get off the Bench"- Casey Holland

"Don't sit on the bench in life. Don't let it pass you by. If you dont know what you're made for, people around you will convince you of what you're made for. Get off the bench, get in the game! Always thought my whole life, God was mad at me for the mistakes I made, for the time I sat on the bench. HE see's the BEST in YOU!!!! You are His best player. HE just wants you to get off the bench!"- Casey Holland

YOU are valuable to GOD!!!!

"Sometimes you have to leave things behind you, to get God's best!" Matt Pitt
Let go! Let God! YOU are the MOST valuable to HIM!

The Bible is the BEST playbook there is!!! Strategize! Get in the game for God!!! Pass the ball to THE Mvp-JESUS!!

Don't give up!!!! Someone, somewhere out there is looking for the LIGHT in YOU!!!! The HOPE in YOU!!!
"We were called to help seek and save the lost, we were called to the afflicted and the addicted"- Matt Pitt

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