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Crowned & The Basement Outreach

"I will give them a CROWN of beauty instead of ashes"-Isaiah 61:3
"You will be a CROWN of beauty in the hand of the Lord, a king’s CROWN in the hand of your God"-Is.62:3
"You are my joy and CROWN"-Phil. 4:1

I pray that you see the beauty that God see's in YOU. To see with HIS eyes how unique you are; fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. He loves you more than you know!!! You are worthy! You are loved!
He doesn't call you by your shame, He calls you by your name...YOU are His Beloved!

Buy a Crowned DVD at


Buy one dvd & we will send one free to a prison ministry and/or the soldiers overseas!!! You get a dvd and you also get to sow into the prison & army ministry's all over the world.

"Over 9,000 prisoners got their lives changed and Radically set free in Prison! And there are 5 Basements in prison!!!!" -Matt Pitt

Thanks to YOUR support we can send DVDs to prisons around the southeast and military bases! Get a copy at so we can send to more prisons!!!!

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