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Here is some HOPE. Election 2012

3 Don't put your trust in human leaders; no human being can save you. 4 When they die, they return to the dust; on that day all their plans come to an end. 5 Happy are those who have the God of Jacob to help them and who depend on the Lord their God, 6 the Creator of heaven, earth, and sea, and all that is in them. He always keeps his promises; 7 he judges in favor of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free 8 and gives sight to the blind. He lifts those who have fallen; he loves his righteous people.
PSALM 146:3-8

Truth. Solid Rock. Secure in Christ. Trust in God not man. God is sovereign supreme authority and nothing happens that HE does not allow.  HE will make ALL things work together for GOOD. We have to walk by FAITH, not by SIGHT. HIS ways are far above ours. Resting in HIS promises tonight. 

No matter who is President, Jesus is KING ♥

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