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Nepal's Devastating 7.9 Earthquake-
My little sister and one of my best friend's Holly, is on her mission trip in Nepal. Hannah (Holly's sister and one of my other best friends) and I prayed together over the phone late last night. I was up, on and off, all night praying as I am sure Hannah and her family were as well… Hannah sent a group text out to our prayer warrior friends as well! We got word this morning that HOLLY is SAFE Psalm 91 !!!

She had been with her team in the children's home with Iris missionaries on the other side of town. They are with the kids today, and every single one of the missionaries and children are completely safe!! WOW! PRAISING GOD!!! Hannah sent this to our prayer group text "Thank you for your prayers and con tune to pray for the team as their outreach is going to be different and God is undoubtedly going to use them in BIG ways." Holly and her team are surely there "for such a time as this"- Esther 4:14 They are literally getting to be HIS hands and feet in the midst of devastation and so much loss. Continue praying for her and her team and for Nepal!

Prayers going out to Nepal, and all the family's affected!!

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