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Mother's Day 2015

The strongest woman I know. Happy Mother's Day mom. You may never know on this side of heaven how many hearts you have touched, and shaped; and how many lives you have lead to Jesus.  MY life being one of them. Your heart, compassion, strength, and joy in the Lord are infectious. Your incredible love for the Lord, lived out, lit the way for my salvation. You are a true God-fearing and God-loving woman. Beautiful in every way. And I honor you as my mother. Thank you God for loaning me this amazing mother here on earth. I don't know how you were SO strong after daddy died, and how you had to be so strong for me. To have to tell me, and carry on, for us both. To lose almost everything and yet still have such hope and joy. Only God in you could do that. You always reminded me that God was our provider and that He would never leave us, nor forsake us. Even when we were dirt poor, I felt like the richest little girl in the world. And I WAS. Because I was always surrounded by LOVE. You knew how to make any house, or room for that matter, feel like a home. No one will ever know the bond we have… going through ALL that we have together. We are stronger for it. Strong in the Lord and in HIS mighty power. God put us together for a reason, a mother-daughter dynamic duo. All for His glory. A Naomi and Ruth of sorts, we truly are.  I love serving Him God with you. What an honor and a blessing to call you my mother and friend.  I can't wait to see all the amazing adventures and journey's God has ahead for you and your HUGE heart!  

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