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Breakthrough in the heartbreak

When your heart breaks you find pieces of yourself you never thought you would.

When your heart breaks you learn who you really are.

When your heart breaks God breaks through.  He can shine through the cracks.  But He most definitely cannot shine through walls of steel.  Barriers we have built.  Pride so thick that no one can come inside those castle errr prison walls.  Let down the mote, unlock the cell (yes beloved you actually are holding the key to the prison cell).  Here you have been begging and pleading all along for someone to let you out.  Where is my rescuer?!  Why have I been left behind?? Why have I been locked up??  What did I do wrong?  I am being punished.  I am a bad girl.  I did something horribly wrong.  I will never get out.  Lies.  You can unlock it whenever you want.  That sweet aroma, that fragrance of Christ…the humility that crumbles walls and unlocks chambers; He is all you need. Oh the breakthrough is in the breaking. 

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