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Christians' Christian Approach

Chapter 28 (page 369)
Christians' Communitarian Ethics:
"A moral community demonstrates more than mere interdependence; it is characterized by mutuality, a will-to-community, a genuine concern for the other apart from immediate self-interest...An act is morally right when compelled by the intention to maintain the community of person; it is wrong if driven by self-centeredness" (as cited in Griffen, 369).

In my envrionmental studies class: global climate change, we have been talking a lot about ethical theories and how they pertain to choices and mitigations about global climate change. Ethics is the philisophical study of morality; and morality deals with concerns about values and value judgments relating to the well-being of persons. Morality is a sort of convention of language that is perception-shaped. What we view as good/bad, right/wrong, harm/benefit; depend on our values and perceptions from our socialization process. Christian's theory is based on the premise that a community ought to be concerned with morality, regarding mutuality and selflessness. This quote in particular focuses on a persons character more so than their actions. Obviously your character will motivate your actions; actions are defined as what people do, whereas character is what people "ought to do." This sounds to me like a utilitarian ethical theory.

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