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Hirokawa interview

Hirokawa Interview

Em Griffin disclosed that many times he has cracked jokes during group meetings, in order to lighten the mood. It was interesting that in Symbolic Convergence Theory this would be considered starting a fantasy chain theme, but he wondered if it counterproductive regarding the Functional Perspective. Hirokawa talked about how this could actually help the group to focus on the pros and cons of the situation and even get them to look at it from a different perspective than their own. Even if Em's intention was nothing more than lightening the mood due to boredom, the function of his action could help the group interaction. Hirokawa explains this as, “one of the great intriguing aspects of group communication. That is, how you intend your message to function may not at all function in a way that you intended. There’s an irony there, but it is a reality” (as cited in Griffin). The most crucial question asked by Griffin was how we know the difference between a good decision and a bad one. Hirokawa notes goodness or badness as a “subjective judgment” (as cited in Griffin). I agree that what might be considered a good decision made by one group, could be considered bad by another group. It is all based on who is going to be affected the most by the outcome of that decision, and who it is in favor of.
I find myself using this technique when making big decisions in my life. It would be very ineffective and potentially harmful to bypass weighing the pros and cons of an outcome. Hirokawa explains this approach as the groups, “ability to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of alternate choices prior to making a decision” (as cited in Griffin). He also claims this to be the most essential of the four steps in Functional Perspective.


  1. I can agree with the pros and cons and how Hirokawa said it was the most important step in the Functional Perspective. I use the positive and negative approach in many decisions I have to make in life also. It helps me decide what is best for me because that is the most important thing. Using pros and cons can also make you realize certain things you hadn't before. It makes you take a step back from favoring one or another thing and decide what the best possible decision is, even if it is not the one you wanted at first.

  2. I can agree with the cracking the joke in the meeting questions Dr. Griffin asked about.
    I have always been the joker, and latley at my new job people dont seem to enjoy the humor... maybe its to early or they think the chain will begin. Regardless, I felt better after hearing withat Dr. Hirokawa said about it.