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The weather here is a little minute it was sunny and then next I was stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm (lightening and all). As I sit here in the living room, I smile as I remember dancing for an hour along to some fun music with Casey just last Friday. Oh boy my inner child loved that! "Dancing like no one is watching," is truly good for the soul. Actually I do that often with my ipod on, blasting worship music. It is fun to dance for is an act of worship.
I met with an amazing woman of God today...Connie : ) She is such a strong leader and wonderful friend and sister in Christ. I got to spend the whole day with her, although time flew because we were having fun. She fires me up, spurs me on...iron sharpening iron. Friends like that are to be cherished. Memorial day weekend is gonna be fun. Probably help Gabby with her move, going to a BBQ or two and church on Sunday with more fellowship and friends. I feel blessed to even have one place to go let alone several this weekend. It is unusual to be a newbie (new kid on the block) and to already have a life...or at least the start of one.
I definitely feel like the freshman foreign exchange student from California...haha. It is challenging to be the new kid but challenging in a good way. It is teaching me a lot about myself and helping me to grow into a stronger and more independent woman. It is also helping me to focus on being a God-pleaser rather than a people-pleaser. We can never please everyone, it is goal is to please God. He is the ultimate authority.
The homesickness has not been unbearable, but I have had my sob-fests in the bathroom or in my room. The skype date with my mom and nichole the other night really helped though. It was so nice to see their beautiful faces and smile at them. It made all the difference. I do not feel as homesick or far away. Love you all! Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

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