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A letter to my dad poem

A Letter to my dad poem
(anonymous author)
"Dear Jesus I come to you
to ask a favor on this day
would you please deliver this letter to my dad
who has passed away
dear dad
you left us all so quickly
for that mansion in the sky
I never got the chance dad to say I love you
and goodbye
You are surely missed dad by those you left behind
but you are happy
and that gives us peace of mind
You are with God now
Thats where you want to be
Now you'll walk hand in hand
for all eternity
Dad I need to ask you
when you went to heaven above
did you take the time to thank Jesus
for His undying love
did you thank him dad, for bringing you to him
for dying on the cross and taking away your sin
dad I need a favor please
that only you can do
I ask for your forgiveness for wrongs I may have done to you
Dad, you are happy now
this makes me happy too
I pray that I will join you when my work on earth is through
Until that glorious day comes
I know not when it will be
remember that I love you both
and save a place for me
I thank you Lord for delivering
this letter to my dad, so dear
and if there is an answer Lord
My heart is open to hear"

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