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Countdown/ weekend wrap up

I am so excited that my mama is coming in a couple weeks! Boy oh boy! This is the only quality time I get to spend with her until Christmas so I want to take full advantage : ) We have lots of fun stuff planned, people she wants to meet, and places we want to go...little mini trips within the trip. I was noticing that I have not been feeling so homesick lately, and then it mom is coming soon! So I don't have to feel homesick for long...home is coming to me! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Trying not to have too many expectations, but at the same time I really want this week to be special for her. I just want her to feel how special she is, and to feel the love of God here for her. Giving her my undivided attention for the week will be just enough, and everything else will be the cherry on top-from God. I am really looking forward to a two special lunch dates with two specifically awesome leaders in ministry : ) It is an honor for me to get time with these busy women in ministry, so for them to make time for my mom is such a blessing to me!
I went to my friend Susan's house last week to hangout by the pool and was blown away at her lakefront property. WOW! She is one of my adopted mom's here in Alabama. She has a 24 yr. old daughter who lives out of state, so I get to be her adopted daughter too : ) She invited me to bring my mom over to her house for lunch and pool/lake will love it! She has two really cute dogs too, which totally fills my love cup because I miss my puppies back home soo much! God is so good about meeting our needs.
Lunch with Linda Oliver the other day was amazing! We sat and talked for four hours...they actually started closing the cafe we were in. We began to laugh, because we had no concept of time. It was as if we had gone into a time warp together. She blessed me in more ways than I can ever explain. We poured out into each others lives, and even began writing a few songs right there in the cafe. She is working on her third album now, all about HEALING. No coincidence or accident there. Just being around her, I soak up so much and learn so much about life, love, ministry, God. She has experience, strength and hope that goes for miles! She is writing her second book called Fibro Free...also no coincidence that she was healed of Fibromyalgia. My mom has suffered with Fibro and chronic pain for years, so this is truly a divine appointment on so many levels. It just gets me fired up thinking about it.
Had a great and very busy weekend with the girls...gabby's house friday night, then about 9 of us went to sushi, then a crazy excursion/adventure at Walmart (lots of laughs), and then back to Gabbys for PJ time. Yesterday I got to fellowship/discipleship with a girlfriend and then go out to dinner with Katelyn for some QT and then coffee with Connie and Kelly. Totally got spiritually fed and got to also pour out into others lives all over the place yesterday. I love days like that, when God uses me left and right. Ministering to people and loving on them is the most incredible, purposeful feeling in the world. Thank you God for using me to bless others, and for blessing me in serving, and through others! Now off to church for some learning and growth with my girl Connie. Have a blessed Sunday!

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