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Dedicated to my mom

Dedicated to my mom:

The Widow and the Fatherless

The widow and the fatherless
won't be left in the wilderness
Jehoveh-Jireh-He'll provide
Never leave, He's by your side
Don't be scared, no need to hide
God is making all things right
So hold on tight little child
Today I've become your Father
So worry not, don't even bother
I'll love you like my only daughter
Dad will fight the good fight
All the days of you life
He's got your back
He's on your side
He sees each and every single stride
At night alone those tears you cry
Abba Father will provide
Single mama tucks her girl in
Doesn't think she'll ever win
Each ache and pain, is not in vain
In all your need, still devote yourself to good deeds
Dedicated to Christ
He'll open heavens at the appointed time

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