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Daddy's watching

It is such a weight off of a child's back to know that their Father has their back. Think about when you were little and you would act out just to see if your parents were watching, if they cared, if they loved you. You would push the boundaries and limits to see where the boundaries and limits were set. You wanted to see if your dad was paying attention, was present in your life and cared deeply for you. You would rebel and act out-maybe coloring on the wall in crayon or permanent marker. The Father that cares for you would come and discipline and train and teach you in the right ways, in the good ways. He would show you right from wrong. He would also love you enough to say no. He would love you enough to speak truth to you even when He knew you might not like him for it. That is true love. How much more does your heavenly Father love you? We act out sometimes to see if anyone is watching, if anyone cares, if anyone will rescue us. Time and time again, God our Father proves that not only is He always watching, always present, always cares, but that He ALWAYS has your back. He has your best interest at heart always.

Have you ever pushed yourself so hard that you broke-down? When I was little I would over-do things, not knowing that it was too much or too late for me. But my good parents knew better than I did, and they showed me the good way. They cared for me enough to say slow down Mal, we are watching, we care, we love you. I have been doing this lately, not on purpose, but subconsciously. I've been pushing passed 100% it's like I went from zero to sixty in no time. Well maybe I was checking to see if God was watching, if he cared, if He was still there even in the silence and the testing. The Teacher is silent during the test. Well He was there the whole time alright, and He surely cares for me more than any earthly parent possibly could. He told me last night to slow down. He wants me to put my health first, and although I am doing good things for Him and to further His kingdom He does not want me to do it ALL. No human could. It is okay to say no. No. It is a complete sentence in fact. He told me that it actually takes more courage and self-love to say no, than to run around and DO everything for everyone.

It was as if He came down from the heavens last night and ever so gently and lovingly whispered in my ear, "I am watching, I care, it's too much baby girl. Daddy loves you and He wants you to rest a bit." He told me "I would rather you say no than to be hurting, tired and in pain Malorie." I could hear His voice so clearly. It was amazing. I started crying as I heard Him speaking this to me, because I realized how much He really does love me. So much that He had to put me in pain, slow me down, stop me just so He could tell me how much He loves me. Pain is a megaphone. We listen more clearly...we even listen at all when we are in pain.

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place." Proverbs 15:3 and nothing escapes His attention, including you and me.

You know how when you have an issue in life, and you want to go to your closest friend to talk it out? Because you not only trust this friend but you know that they know almost everything about you, so they will have the most informed and loving response. If you went to a newer friend, you might have to take a big chunk of time just back-tracking and explaining your heart to them and your life story. They would need to context in order to give you the best advice or even to just fully understand where you are coming from. So we gravitate toward the people that know us best and love us best. How much more does God know you and love you? More than anyone ever could, more than you know yourself.
"When we ask Him for help, God's response is always informed by His perfect knowledge of us and our circumstance. Let's trust Him with everything! His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me"...because He loves me.

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