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If we are not starving and thirsting for more of God all the time, then that means we are getting more of something else. We will never ever ever be satisfied with the things here on Earth. Our hearts will never truly be at rest away from the One who created them. So if we are not constantly filling up on God then we are surely filling up on something else...the only problem is, that "something else" will never be enough. He created us to constantly want and need more of Him, nothing else fills the God-shaped hole. Will we spend our whole life making our careers more important than love and relationships? Many people spend half their life trying to get their career in order that they have completely neglected relationships. Self-seeking rather than loving selflessly. It is more blessed to give than to receive. It's lonely on a pedestal- at the top all alone. God wants us to put our relationship with HIM first. To focus more on relationship with Him than on anything else, work included. That is where the abundance and blessings pour out infinitely more than anything we could earn by our own hands. God is the bread of life and the living water-you will never run thirsty or dry. You shall not want-as He will meet all your needs and more by His faithful provision.

Some of us have barns full of stuff-money that we could bless someone else with. Hoarding this stuff, and for what? Maybe if it's not barns full of money for you, it's barns full of time. Yet we spend our time-hoard our time on television, facebook or obsessing about our problems. Never keeping our eyes fixed outwards and upwards to God and others. Do we have barns full of talent that we are hoarding and not sharing with others? Are we rich in earthly things but not rich in love? Luke 12:21.

I am learning to hold so loosely to the gifts that God gives me-whether it is talent or actual monetary gifts. They are not MINE, I do not own them...they are the Lord's gifts on loan to me. He wants us to hold loosely to these gifts because sometimes He gives them to us just so that we can give them away to others. Not hoard them for ourselves. If we keep them and hold tightly to them, He will not be able to give us more. He wants an abundance for His children, so He gives so that we may give and then He can fill us again. The other day a women took me to lunch right after she had given me a wad of cash for groceries. The Lord had put it on her heart to bless me for the Kingdom work I have been doing. We ate lunch and had an amazing time together-talking for over three hours. I took the cash out of my purse and insisted on paying for lunch, with the cash she had just given me. I still had money left-over for groceries. She hesitated in letting me pay, but I knew this was exactly what God wanted from me. The motives of my heart were pure, He saw that I was holding loosely to the gift He had just given me. It was not MY money after all, it was the Lord's. So I gave it right back to Him, which is where it belongs. By doing this the Lord poured even more blessing and favor on me. An abundance. I pray to always hold loosely to whatever God has given me, because it came from him and He entrusted it to me for a short time, only to be able to give that away to someone in need. "You can't keep it unless you give it away."

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