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Ministry of Presence

Do we ever take the time to truly get to know someone? Do we ever take the time to truly get to know ourselves? People are so busy and so quick to try to make everyone more like them...maybe because it makes them feel more comfortable. Every single person is wired up so differently, and for a very specific God-given purpose. If we take the time to really get to know ourselves, it is much easier to then take the time to truly get to know others. If we self-care by caring about how God has wired us, then that compassion will trickle down onto those around us. I have noticed that the more I get in touch with who Malorie is, the more I am able to understand, love and accept who others are. All their unique and quirky things are beautiful jewels that illustrate and characterize them individually. People want to be heard, seen, acknowledged, accepted and loved. It has changed my life when someone will sit down with me, get to really know me, invest in and pour into my life and love and accept me unconditionally. The ministry of presence. I heard this quote last week, "Jesus' ministry was the person right in front of him." Wow that is so true and so powerful. He was present. He cared. He heard. He sought to understand and know and love each and every individual that came in his path. That awesome thing is, He still does this. If we are to be His hands and feet, then I want to do this to others for Jesus. Not to be so focused on the thousands and millions, but the ONE right in front of me. He never walked away from a hurting, lost or lonely person. Why should I? All of heaven rejoices when ONE person was lost and is now found. It is all about the ONE person in front of us. Whoever God puts in our line of fire at any given moment. And I mean line of fire; fire and passion burning for God-let your light shine for Him. It is magnetic and draws others to you. Sometimes they do not even know why they are drawn to you. I have so many unbelievers become my friend, and be "drawn" to me. Why? Not because of Malorie, they are actually drawn to the light within me. They may not even know it, and some might actually deny it, but the fact is-the good in me IS and will always be Jesus. They are drawn to His love and mercy and grace, in me. I am just a carrier of His presence. I am just the vessel, the messenger. He is the one they are truly drawn to. Someday they will have a personal relationship with him and experience His love firsthand, but until them I am privileged & grateful to be the messenger of his love. : )

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