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Mailman for God : )

If you look at someone and think to yourself, surely that person does not need encouragement, reassurance or extra love...chances are that-that person needs it the most. We are God's hands and feet, and His love is made perfect in His reassurance and love and grace messages often times come in the form of a human being (vessel) around us. Are you available and sensitive to His spirit calling you to let HIM speak and love through you? Don't ever look at anyone and think, "Oh they already know how great they are, or they totally know how much God loves them." Don't judge a book by it's cover. Some of the most "confident, happy, outgoing" people are the one's that need it the most. You never know what is behind that smile. Why not take the leap and love them MORE, encourage them MORE...what's the worst that could happen?
All I know is that the Lord has spoken to me through other people, and I thank God that those people were listening to His voice and were obedient to that calling. Since God's power is in our weakness, the one's that seem "powerful" may just be the most weak-as you are seeing HIS power shine through them. He does this so that we would not boast of anything or think that the power is coming from us; He gets all the glory. You never know what that one text message, call, letter, hug...etc means-especially when it is hand delivered from the Lord through YOU. The words we speak over someone can carry life and hope to them at a most dire moment. Not flattery, but a sincere word of encouragement spoken in Truth with a pure heart. God promises to meet His children's needs, and you just may be the UPS carrier today!

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