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He put this hole in us, this void for a reason. So that we would crave more. More than this world has to offer. I love God more than I love this world. "If I find in myself, desires nothing in this world can satisfy. I can only conclude that I, I was not made for here." A leader is someone who is not content just staying where they are at...meaning, they want to be continually moving forward, growing, maturing, challenging themselves. Constantly looking for opportunities and ways to glorify the Lord. Sometimes that hole in us-that is aching, is a way that God puts fuel to the fire of our hearts. He sets our hearts ablaze, burning for what His heart burns for. I have been praying for quite some time that the Lord would continue to break my heart for what breaks His.

The other night I took a spiritual gifts test at Highlands. #3 was Mercy. Hmm...I think that is answered prayer!!! The gift of mercy breaks my heart for what breaks His. Wow! So thankful for this gift, it is not mine, I do not own is just on loan to me for however long the Lord allots. I pray to cultivate it and nurture and grow it. He entrusted it to me-even if just for today. All the hardships and heart-breaks I have walked through...all along have been the makings of the gift of mercy in this earthly vessel. Gratitude!!! Then I realized that my great-grandmother's name was Mercy. I have always had this fascination with grandma Mercy. I have just heard some amazing stories about her life and her heart. She may have been the beginning of the salvation lineage in my family...not sure. But I know for sure she had a HUGE part in it. Thank you Grandma Mercy for believing...and passing that along. Her descendants shall be blessed for many generations because she believed. "Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness" Gen. 15:6. Mercy. "The promise comes by faith" Romans 4:16.

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