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My song

be careful what you wish for, what you pray for...those larger than life God-given dreams that burst at the seams inside of ur heart...the higher calling comes with a cost...he commissioned you to save the lost...the bigger the call the bigger the sacrifice, its comes with a price yet u dont think twice...waste ur life or spend it for HIM, nothing else satisfies so u run the race and chase the you want to travel the world, sing of His glory...sing every praise, tell every story...He's giving me myhearts desires, so he puts me thru the fire...this is what you asked for my precious daughter...this is just the start & it might get harder...but would u rather sit back in comfort watching another? sit on the sidelines passing out water? your hearts desires are being fulfilled, I'll bring you joy that nothing else will. social life & comfort in exchange, for purpose in His name.
Destined to bring ur Father fame..what price u say? :)

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