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Jesus told us that as the Father sent him into the world, so he is sending us (John 17:18; Acts 1:8). How then did the Father send him? Essentially he became one of us. "The Word became flesh" John 1:14. God didn't send a telegram or shower evangelistic Bible study books from heaven or drop a million bumper stickers from the sky saying "Smile, Jesus loves you." he sent a man, his Son to communicate the message. His strategy hasn't changed. He still sends men and women-before he send tracts and techniques-to change the world. You may think his strategy is risky, but that is God's problem, not yours.
In Jesus, then, we have our model for how to relate to the world, and it is a model of openness and identification. Jesus was a remarkably open man. He didn't think it was unspiritual for him (fully realizing he was the Son of God) to share his physical needs (John 4:7). He didn't fear losing his testimony by revealing to his disciples the depths of his emotional stress (Mark 14:32-52).
Here is our model for genuine godliness. We see him asking for support and desiring others to minister to him. We must learn then to relate transparently and genuinely to others bc that is God's style of relating to us. Jesus commands us to go and then preach, not to preach and then leave. We are not to shout the gospel from a safe and respectable distance, and remain detached. We must open our lives enough to let people see that we too laugh and hurt and cry. If Jesus left all of heaven and glory to become one of us, shouldn't we at least be willing to leave our dorm room or Bible study circle to reach out to a friend?

Author: Rebecca Pippert

"And all will see YOUR love inside of me. The power of YOUR love has saved me...restored never fails me, your love is all I need Jesus! I'll go with you Oh Lord!!! I'll go, I'll show the power of your love, the world will know the power of your love!!!"

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