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Leaving a memory of LOVE

Our time here, each and every minute is a gift...we are on borrowed time from God. Just went to a memorial service of a high school friend named Sam. He was born on 1-22-86 the same exact birthday as me. He would have been 25 in about about month. It took my breath away as I walked into the service and saw all these old friends from high school. The room was packed out for Sam. This says a lot about the person that he was...he loved EVERYBODY!!! No favoritism, no discrimination...just LOVE all around. He was born with a heart defect and it was actually a miracle that he even survived birth let alone 24 years of life. Sam must have been so happy to look down on us in this room full of people that he loved, that love him...knowing he brought us all together to celebrate life!!! He was all about unity, and he definitely re-united many people today.

God sends people into our lives, on our paths and on earth for a short time sometimes. These special chosen ones, are often reminders to those around them of the fragility of life. The gift of life. To cherish every moment and to LOVE LOVE LOVE. Love is the only thing that remains when our earthly bodies do not. The room was filled with love today. Accomplishments, accolades, money, "success" none of it mattered...Sam can't take any of that with him to heaven...he leaves his love behind and his spirit carries it with him always. It lives on in our hearts. I don't want to leave behind earthly riches, I want to leave behind LOVE that lasts eternally. His message was that of Jesus' message reminding us of what's really important. Giving us God's perspective more than our own. He was a light for God and was a gift to us. For 24 precious years, God shared Sam with us. : )

I pray that Sam's death moves in the hearts of those that God specifically placed in his life...reminding them of the importance of life and that the pain would draw them closer and closer to the sacred heart of Jesus. Closer and closer to HIS abounding love. IN Jesus Name I pray!

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