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Broken Land

A couple songs/poems I wrote a while back...

Broken Land

As I flip through the Bible, the holy leaves
The turning pages flap like angels wings
Your word is firm, Holy and True
I seek first your kingdom-in all that I do
Speaking me gently into each day
A roadmap to show me the life and the way

Spirit guide us, in this broken land
Carry us Father, in your hands
Strangers and aliens in this place
This pilgrimage leaves us broken and worn
But for this very purpose we were born
You paid the cost
So we save the lost

An ever-changing world
A broken land
We cry out to you
To see you plan
They search for what they're living for
Hunger for something- for so much more
Pour us out into their souls
Mend, heal and complete this land
Before we sink into quick sand

Your heart: A broken land

A soft heart, God can penetrate
but hardened, How can He save?
This broken land that is your heart
The wall you've built, keeps us apart
Fears rule and reign this sacred land
Instead of God's great loving hand
Perfect love, casts out all fear
Surrender your heart to Him my dear

She doesn't feel safe
so she shuts down, protects
Her inner child, you've never met
Guarding the door of her heart
It's locked away, set apart
No way in, no way out
But that's what love's all about
There's an army defending
No beginning, no ending

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