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Adventures in WONDERland

God has a way of just giving you out of the blue surprises when you least expect them...this way He gets all the credit! So last night I was going for a walk with a friend and as we were fellowshipping we heard some music in the background. As we walked closer and closer toward the music I got more and more intrigued. We came up to the house where it was coming from and I had to stop. We listened the this band rocking out and jamming and then we they finished the song we clapped. Mind you it was 9:30 at night, dark outside, we are walking past some random house only to stop and listen to a free concert on the sidewalk. They peeked through the blinds and said thanks after we had clapped. They continued playing on and we just had to stay for the second song...they were really great and we were getting a free concert so why not right? We both love music so it was perfect. Well after that second song we clapped again and they opened the blinds, astonished that we were still there. So we started talking to them through the window.
My friend told one of the guitarist that I am a singer. He ran outside and invited us to come in and check it out. They seemed innocent young and sweet so we thought why gut was telling me it was safe. And it was. We went into their studio and was totally decked out with all kinds of equipment, mics, amps, guitars, drums, headphones...more stuff that I don't know the names for lol! The lead guitarist handed me a mic and said just go with the flow...sing with us. I was like what?!?! What am I doing here in the first place? But they all seemed nice and the vibe was good and I was craving a musical jam session so I figured why not? We jammed for an hour singing some of their originals, so oldies (but goodies) and of course some of my favorites. They asked me to sing a couple songs that I love so I chose "Lead me to the Cross" and "Lovely." It was so fun! My friend and I also got to talk to them about the Lord which was the best part...all the glory to HIM! Who knows why God inserted me into a band jam session out of nowhere last night, but one thing is for sure-God is Sovereign and He has a bigger plan here. He definitely met some of my needs in a HUGE way and connected me with some awesome musicians, and who knows what all He did in their hearts but I know it's good!

I love the crazy adventures the Lord throws my way when I am willing and available and fearless! You never know where and when He is just going to throw you a curve ball and use you and meet your needs...its one crazy ride...its all an adventure! Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. Faith loves the Fearless! We are to enter the Kingdom of God like little children...with awe and WONDER. I want to return to the child-like faith more and more each day with my Lord!

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