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  • "The journey by which we discover God, is also where we discover our true self, hidden in God. Its a journey that we all have to make"
  • "You can only become as great as that thing you're willing to sacrifice for."-Maya Angelou
  • "There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go, if he doesn't mind who gets the credit." - Ronald Reagan

What absorbs you so much that you forget yourself
and you just "flow"?
What grabs your attention? Where you can spend
hours doing it and it doesn't
even phase you. You get the zone.
You don't want to could write a novel,
stay up all night reading,
write music and record for hours on end...
"Imitation is the fast road to failure. The worst thing to
be is successful as someone else."

THE REAL YOU: Don’t look at yourself as the world sees you - weak, limited, a failure, only human. See yourself as God sees you - As His Child, Chosen, Accepted, Forgiven, Saved, Renewed, Beloved, Blessed, Precious, Heir to the Throne, a New Creation, a Victor n Conqueror n that’s just the beginning! Eph 1:3-6 When tragedy hits n you feel as if life is closing in on you, God sees you as a person of hope. No matter how bleak your situation, Jesus is with you all the way.

Belief in God and knowing who you are in HIM, thats the foundation of everything great
Standing firmly on that foundation saves you from confusion and allows
you to sing your own song into the world. STAY TRUE TO YOU!!! God only made ONE of you! Nobody else can be a better YOU!

"If you function in the gift I've given you & dont try to function beyond what I've given you-then you'll have true peace"-Joyce Meyers
You are a better YOU, than a fake someone else. Be you, everyone else is already taken!


Finding your own voice is not just something that singers do. We all have a voice of declaration inside of us. As we peel back the layers, search within our hearts and wholeheartedly seek God; integration of our public and private self is revealed more and more. When I competed in a Christian music showcase a few years ago, I remember one of the judges being very harsh with me. She told me that I hit all the notes and I sounded good and everything but then she proceeded to say that I had not found "my voice" yet. I didn't understand at first what she meant. She said that my voice sounded great, but that was it. There was no connection. Like I was a robot or something. I was a good carbon copy, covering Brooke Fraser, and I could imitate her really well...but they did not want another Brooke Fraser.

My immediate goal was to find Malorie McKenna's voice. So what if I could sound just like Brooke and sing the song just like her. They sign artists, not because they are the best, but because there is something unique and different about them than anyone else. Once I realized I had to find my voice, I was terrified and also confused. I did not know how one would go about finding "your voice." I began praying about it and really seeking God and asking Him to help me find my voice and continue to reveal it to me. I am still on that journey, but each day and each experience of worship and singing brings me one step closer. The more I wrote my own music the more I found my voice. Unlocking the melodies, words, songs deep within your heart revealed so much to me. It's as if those songs have been there all along just waiting for me to unleash them. I believe God put them there, in my heart before I was even born. Also the more I became myself and stripped away all the facades and people pleasing, the more I was able to connect with and find my voice. Experiences of pain and pressing into God are the most powerful integration catalysts.

There is something unique, God-given, different and special about your voice that no one else has. Finding that niche, rather than trying to fit into the mold of what seems "right" or popular or good, is the hardest yet most rewarding thing!

  • Design=destiny
  • The more you are yourself, the closer you are to your destiny. To walking in it. By being true to yourself, being the best you possible, then your passion and gifts can be unleashed-ushering you into your destiny.
"The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's
deep hunger meet"-Fred Buechner.

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