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The creation worshipping the Creator. Carrie sings this song to her Creator, worshipping Him and glorifying Him to the utmost. He gave her this amazing gift because He knew she loves Him and would use it to glorify Him, that was His plan all along before she was even born. It's incredible to see and hear her love for God. He radiates through her with every word she sings and speaks. It's impossible not to be affected by it. I just love it because I know that whoever watched this definitely got more than they bargained for. I happened to just turn to this country channel last night where they were honoring all these different female artists. Little did I know that God was going to use it as a platform for His glory in a major way. WoW! And the timing was/is perfect because it was on Good Friday. Right before she sang this song, Vince Gill had sung one of Carrie's number one hits to her. He chose to sing "Jesus take the Wheel" another perfect song for the occasion...Good Friday. No matter what day it is, everyday is always a day to rejoice and sing to the Lord. Carrie was the last one out of all the women. I'm just so excited that God got all His children to worship Him and bring the focus back to Him. Save the BEST for last....God is the BEST! We wouldn't even be here or be able to sing and worship if He hadn't willed it.

After you watch How Great Thou Art (video above) watch the video below. This video has Jesus Take the Wheel by Vince Gill and it has Carrie's background story/journey to God getting her to where she is now. What I love is how humble she is, she knows where and from Whom the gift and power comes from. In that moment right before they announced she was the winner of American Idol, she looks up and clasps her hands...I bet she had just sent a prayer up to heaven. What is so cool is that God used Carrie as a vessel to carry His message. Packaged in a very popular country song (which became widely popular in many genres), is a worship song about the Lord. You see worship comes in every shape and size and packages. God will use any and every chance to reach as many people and as wide an audience as possible. Notice in the background all the country stars singing along and worshipping. I love when Carrie puts her hand up to give Him praise, and Wynona Judd does too. They know what's really going on. It's not just Vince Gill singing some top billboard chart hit, it is worship & praise. So awesome! Each time I see people in the audience singing along, I get chills because whether they know it or not they are singing a prayer to God. Each word that they speak/sing they are sending up to heaven through their hearts. Powerful!

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