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The Basement moves to the BJCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buying a t-shirt or a dvd from the Basement
helps support disaster relief and sooo much more!!!!

Every purchase and donation supports a mission outreach!


Memorial Day Honor

My Daily Bread today...had to share! In light of the recent tornados in the south and memorial day, it is perfect! Happy Memorial Day!!!

"I've always been impressed y the solemn, magnificent simplicity of the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. The carefully choreographed event is a moving tribute to soldiers whose names and sacrifice are "known but to God." Equally moving are the private moments of steady pacing when the crowds are gone: back and forth, hour after hour, day by day, in even the worst weather.
In September 2003, Hurricane Isabel was bearing down on Washington DC, and the guards were told they could seek shelter during the worst of the storm. Surprising almost no one, the guards refused! They unselfishly stood their post to honor their fallen comrades even in the face of a hurricane.
Underlying Jesus' teaching in Matthew 6:1-6, I believe is His desire for us to live with an unrelenting, selfless devotion to Him. The Bible calls us to good deeds and Holy living, but these are to be acts of worship and obedience, no orchestrated acts for self-glorification (v.2). The apostle Paul endorses this whole-life faithfulness when he pleads with us to make our bodies "a living sacrifice" (Rom. 12:1).
May our private and public moments speak of our devotion and wholehearted commitment to You, Lord.

Grant me the strength this day, O Lord, to persevere,
to return honor to Your name where I am serving.
My desire is to give myself in selfless devotion
because of Your love for me. Amen.

The more we serve Christ, the less we will serve self."

Please watch the link above!!!!!!!! Incredible act of courage and love by a man who saved his wife from the recent tornado's. A true display of God's love & sacrifice!!!


Do not miss the Basement Swagger Service on May 31st...tomorrow!!!! 4:30 California time...tune in
You will NOT be dissapointed...that is a promise!!! Praying for Matt Pitt and the whole team...Basement team rocks!!!! United in Christ for the lost generation, the youth of america. The youth is the future of the gospel!!! Christianity is one generation away from being extinct, we MUST spread the Good News to the lost, for this generation and the next generation. Now and forevermore!!!

Jars of Hearts-Me

My niece made a request that I record this song for it is : ) It's one of her favorite songs...

4-27-11 Alabama Tornado Relief

Please check out the page I made for Alabama tornado disaster relief & awareness.


fairy tale fun...

I'm working on a new website for a new small business venture and had some fun with photoshop...enjoy : ) Fairty tale theme!!!!

Sooo beautiful!!!! -Celtic Woman

Dedicated to Alabama!

Our city is strong!

We are surrounded by the walls of God’s salvation.

Open the gates to all who are righteous; allow the faithful to enter.

The Lord will keep in PERFECT PEACE, the one whose mind is fixed on Him, because he trusts in Him.

Trust in the Lord always,

for the Lord GOD is the eternal Rock. Isaiah 26:1-4

“That day,” seems to mean when the New Testament Babylon shall be levelled to the ground. The unchangeable promise and covenant of the Lord are the walls of the church of God. The gates of this city shall be open. Let sinners then be encouraged to join to the Lord. Thou wilt keep him in peace; in perfect peace, inward peace, outward peace, peace with God, peace of conscience, peace at all times, in all events. Trust in the Lord for that peace, that portion, which will be forever. Whatever we trust to the world for, it will last only for a moment; but those who trust in God shall not only find in him, but shall receive from him strength that will carry them to that blessedness which is forever. Let us then acknowledge Him in all our ways, and rely on Him in all trials.-(Matthew Henry's commentary on Isaiah 26:1-4)

The Divine mercies encourage confidence in God (1-4).