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Pain & gain

When you avoid something like the is usually because there is something BIG there. Something BIG and buried deep beneath the core of who you are, the core of your feelings. It is avoid the hurt, but the more you run the more it hurts. Its almost like when you have a bad neck and it kills to turn left, so you avoid it...but the longer you keep looking right, the worse it will get. The avoided stretch and pain, only magnifies the stiffness and the suffering. You gotta get to the root of it, the source of the pain, dig it up, bring it to the light so that God can heal it. He wants to heal you, He wants you to be whole and complete in HIM. So the Holy Spirit spotlights our heart...the deep dark crevices that only He can see. Painful, yes...but its worth the healing! I notice that the longer I am trying to avoid something the more pain must be buried beneath that I am afraid to look at or feel. It is a good indicator a red flag that there is something God is trying to show me, tell me, spotlight. He uses pain as a megaphone.

When you hear voices in your head...which one do you listen to? Do you listen to your own voice, the voices of other people? The voice of lies? Or do you listen to God’s healing voice of truth? Take captive every can be very overwhelming for a highly sensitive person with racing thoughts. I am always hearing God’s loud...but I am also hearing lots of other voices trying to drown out His voice. Of course the more loudly and clearly I hear God...the more the other voices want to turn up and tune Him out. “I count it all as loss if I can’t hear Him, feel Him, because I need Him. Cant walk this earth alone. I recognize I am not my own, so I live to make my boast in Him alone.” People say that they do not believe in God because they cannot see Him. Can you see the wind? Can you see pain? Do you still feel the wind, do you still feel pain? You experience pain and feel pain but cannot see it. I experience God and feel God but cannot see Him. So I let my faith be my eyes, believing & hoping in what is unseen. He is SO REAL! Experience HIM daily, moment by moment, He is all around!!! Speaking ALL the time!!!

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