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G-O-D trumps ALL else!

What's better a PHD or the G-O-D? The G-O-D trumps the PHD everytime!!!
The Spirit reveals "the secret wisdom of God"-1Cor.6:7. Not earthly wisdom. He doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the CALLED. You can't analyze or "figure" God out...He is too BIG to be put in a box like that. No little human boxes can contain HIM. The only one that can discern the thoughts of God is HIS Spirit. We have been given the mind of Christ and God gave us HIS Spirit to discern & reveal the Truths & thoughts of God. WoW! He gave us His Spirit as a deposit because He is coming back for us :) Get it? Well its true...we are carriers of His presence...with the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us..until HIS return or our homecoming to Heaven.

Loving God above all else means letting go of "all else."He may give it back He may not but either way you have HIM so you have everything! If you want it all, you must GIVE IT ALL. Give it ALL to HIM. Everything. Your plans, your dreams, you actions, your will, your life...most importantly your HEART. It always comes down to the heart, because God looks at the heart. Where man looks at outward appearance, or looks at degrees, certificates, awards...etc. But God doesn't look at these is always a matter of the heart for Him.

Some nuggets from church:
"Once you know the TRUTH, you know what's FALSE. True or False?"
My Pastor said this on sunday, "I am not God, I am just the mailman." :) He is the carrier, the messenger, the middleman.
God wants to exchange your earthly glasses for Heavenly glasses. To see through HIS eyes, not the worlds eyes or your earthly eyes.

"The enemy wants us stressed. God wants us BLESSED!!!!!"

"You don't have to QUIT. You just have to SUBMIT." Submit to God. Surrender it all to HIM. Let Jesus take the wheel. Don't give up. Don't quit, just submit.

"A heart of forgiveness means no chains. True power & strength & freedom lies in forgiveness"

"worship is an overflow of our experience of God as the Shepherd of our souls."

David was a man after Gods own heart. When he was alone he would pour his heart out in songs that he wrote for God. Beautiful. Inspired.
A heart fully surrendered to God. That does not mean perfect. It means one day at a time opening your heart, being vulnerable & humbling yourself before the Lord for His spirit to search the deep parts of your heart and guide you into ALL truth. Allowing Him to change your heart. To convict you and turn you the other way. There are new levels of surrender each day. New deliverances and new testimonies all the time between you & the Lord...depends on how much you are willing to surrender to HIm. Surrender it all. He is worth it all!!!!

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