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God, in my car after my doctor appt. you gave me the daily I pulled the little book out of my purse the page was folded back on Nov. 16th. The card the doctor had just written me for my next followup was Nov. 16th. Coincidence? I think not. So I begin to read the Nov. 16th entry. The top of the page says BEWARE! It is about false teachers. It was perfect! More than you know! The timing...

So John (in 1 John 2) warns us, as believers and followers of Christ, against these false teachers. In the end times, there will be (and are) many among us. The daily bread compares it to counterfeit money; which is quite apropos considering the money scandal in San Francisco. It said that, when distinguishing counterfeit money from real money, one must look for the DIFFERENCES, not the similarities. As the enemy will lace things with truth. Little grains of truth will be strategically placed, just enough, throughout the teaching that it will "seem right & good." This is highly dangerous. The point is to draw the faithful away from Jesus. Not outrightly and obviously, no of course not. That would not happen; but subtly, without really knowing. This is the cunning baffling thing about the adversary. By warping truth just enough that it is not glaringly obvious. Twisting this, mixing that, deviating here just a little. You have to be on your guard and clear-headed, prayed up and connected to THE source. The indwelling Holy Spirit will give you red flags and warnings. But it is up to YOU to search out those warnings, to seek that Truth, to dig in, to press into God and His Word. The similarities will make you believe that it must be "right" Thinking to yourself, "well he preaches Jesus, he loves Jesus, he quotes scripture." But John warns us not to look at the similarities. Look at the differences. The differences are what makes ALL the difference. The slightest difference changes the WHOLE BIG PICTURE.

It is so crucial, now of all times, that we are mature and spiritually discerned, testing the spirits and being a tester of metal. Don't let what "seems" right and good, fool you or lead you away from the Truth, from Jesus. He IS the Truth. The ONLY way to come to God the Father, is through His son. God makes it very clear in His Word, and anyone or anything that says otherwise, is opposing God's Word and warping His Truth. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do. Forgive us Father, we know not what we do. God is the only one who truly knows and makes all things right. There is no need to fear, our Shepherd will never let His sheep out of His sight. He is the Ultimate Authority and I thank Him for warning me and for being my constant guide.

Every painful lesson we go through is worth it. God uses it to equip us with discernment, empathy, Godly wisdom and so much more. "What was intended to destroy you, God is using for good, for the saving of many lives"-Gen.50:20. God shows me again and again why that is my life verse. Maybe this was all to prepare me, so that God can use me when others are being led astray by false teachers and heresy.

Read 1 John 2:18-27. It is a heavy topic, a meaty chunk of scripture...meant for our maturity & growth in Christ.

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