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Is your thermostat set to "Comfort Zone" ?

Some thermostats have a "comfort zone' setting on them. Is the 'Comfort Zone' the setting on your thermostat?

Here are a few excerpts from an article I just read, that I can really relate to:

"For the last several months the term “comfort zone” has been a
regular part of my vocabulary. I think about “leaving” it, and
overcoming the desire to live there. I count the many challenges of
leaving what’s comfortable and familiar and the triumphs of risk-
taking when God leads."

Peter stepped WAY out of the comfort zone to walk on water, when Jesus called him out of the boat.
"I LOVE Peter. I love how he is bold and self-confident. I love that when he blows it, he blows it BIG. And yet, Jesus never defined him by his impulsiveness, bad decisions or fearful behavior. Comforting thought."

"Why leave Comfort Zones? Because we cannot grow in humility, patience or courage within the
confines of a zone where we deem our selves comfortable. Lessons in these three elements, are by
their nature, uncomfortable. And, all the while, we grow in deeper relational intimacy with the
God who reveals to us what is inside our hearts and reaffirms His loving redeeming touch."

God has been pushing me out of my comfort zone BIG time with my new church, my small group, my job at times...and that's just to name a few. God knows the way to shape me, equip me, change my heart and stretch me-will always be outside of my comfort zone. You cannot take a leap of faith, inside your comfort zone.

"The greatest things in my life have been things that I did not plan, they were directions the Lord gave me at that time"- Francis Chan

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