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October is crazy!!

This has been a crazy week! My computer broke...but Apple might actually be fixing it for free...praying!!! God is so good! I met the most amazing, sweet, radically saved girl from Teen Challenge and got to hear her testimony...incredible! it was so encouraging to meet a fellow sojourner of the Lord....when I least expected it. It is like meeting a long lost sister. I also had the privilege of meeting the sweetest little girl named Daysia. she is only three years old and she has Leukemia. If you are reading this, please take a moment to pray for little Daysia. let me just say that she made a lasting impact on my life and in my heart! she is so full of the JOY of the Lord. The purity of a child's heart and their child like faith is the most beautiful gift. It is proof of Gods existence! How a child with Leukemia can be filled with hope and joy! WE ought to have faith like that...on a good day or a horrilbly "bad" day. If she can do it...we can do it! By the grace of God.
Then my aunt Janet flew back to Alaska...that was sad! I hate goodbyes! But I am beyond grateful for the month I got to spend making memories with her and my family! She has so much energy...I don't know how she does it! I am wiped out haha! We had a twelve hour adventure on saturday in San was awesome! I laughed so hard the whole day that my stomach literally hurt.
Can't believe it is already November! My daddy's birthday is tomorrow :) This year has flown by! I am excited for this next season! It's going to be good...I can feel it! And God is always good so here we go...buckle up!
Pardon my grammar on this one...I'm using moms IPad...not used to it yet haha!

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