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There are only TWO Religions

"Dont base your JUSTification on your sanctification. In Christ, God looks at you JUST as if you never sinned, JUST as if you always obeyed. Your standing is always clear in Jesus." ♥

This is from my Pastor's Blog and I just had to share it. My thoughts follow his. He shared this quote with us yesterday at church and it totally hit the nail on the head.

Question: "There are literally thousands of religions, how do we know which is true?"
'Well, before we can get into the question of which one is true, we need to clarify something. There are not thousands of religions. There are not even hundreds of religions. There are only two: one which tells you that salvation comes as a reward for what you have done, and one which tells you that salvation comes by what somebody else does for you. That’s Christianity. All the rest fit under the other. And if you think you can get your salvation by your own efforts, then Christianity has nothing to say to you. But if you know you need to be saved, then you are a candidate.'"-Dale Ironside

My thoughts:
Wow! Jesus is the non-religious religion. He breaks the mold. He is the only ONE who comes to save us. Not by our own religious efforts, our own "holiness", strength or power. For we have learned (sometimes the hard way) that we cannot save ourselves. That grace cannot be earned, that righteousness is in Christ alone. He paid it all, once and for ALL. Grace is opposed to merit. See we cannot take any credit for grace because it is a gift from God, freely given, not earned. Merit is all about earning, striving, proving, justifying ourselves AND taking the credit for it. But Grace is free, therefor ALL the glory and credit and merit goes to it's rightful owner-God. So by receiving grace, we are honoring and glorifying God. It is easy to fall under the other category on a daily basis, trying to prove myself, work harder, fix is so hard-wired in our individualistic, prideful culture. But Jesus' Kingdom is the upside down Kingdom. Down is the way up. "God gives GRACE to the humble, and opposes the PROUD."-James 4:6
So God is well pleased when we come to Him humbly; imperfect and knowing that we NEED a power greater than ourselves to save us.

It is not what we do, it is what HE did. Christianity is not the life you live for God, it's the life of God lived through you. It is not perfect, we are not perfect-Jesus is the only perfect one. But we can wake up every morning and remind ourselves: "I am forgiven and I am loved."
"God wants your obedience to be driven by passionate love. Obedience driven by DELIGHT, not duty."
"For GOD is working in you, giving you the desire to obey Him and the power to do what pleases Him."-Phil.2:13
"I depend on Christ's mighty power that works within me."- Colossians 1:29

Here is the link to his blog:

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