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Deeper into LOVE...Jesus Calling/What the Father is Like

Looking forward to this journey...going deeper into HIS love with these two books.  Wow I have already cried several times just reading the first couple chapters!!!  

Here is a preview:

"I am the Author of all truth, all life. Before an event comes into being in your life I know it. I have authored it. I am the eternal One, who has planned to disclose myself to you. When you seek me earnestly, when you yearn for my presence, when you long to know me as I am in reality-it is because I am calling to your soul. Yes, I call for you, and I come to you, my beloved child, because I yearn to meet you. I await your love and childlike trust. And the more you get to know me the more you will trust me. Open your heart to me now...just like a child. 
I am your Father...and your Friend...your companion on all the pathways of your life. I am never far away. I am present with you, to preserve and enrich every moment of your life. For I hold in my hand all things that concern you. I have planned...I have authored...all the circumstances of your life. All the circumstances that I authorize are intended to reveal-in the fabric of your life-that I arrange your circumstances in order to make clear to you the vast breadth of my character. I want you to know there is nothing that can happen to you that is out of my control. In everything I invite you to draw near to me. Be very sure I am near to you. And I understand you fully!"

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