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Passionate Pursuit

It is important to know what season you are in.  Esther knew what season she was in, and because of that knowledge she was able to persevere and run the race with endurance.  God gives us strength through His knowledge.  His vision and wisdom, by the power of His Spirit, brings us life.  So I've been asking God what season am I in?  He, very clearly, showed me that I am in a season of spiritual fidelity.  That I am to pursue Him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength- as He is already passionately pursuing me.  To come back to my first love, Jesus Christ.  "To not be led astray from your pure, simple, sincere devotion to Jesus."- 2 Corinthians 11:3.  You might be thinking, "Shouldn't you already be doing that? Haven't you been? Wait, aren't you a Christian?" I am not perfect, just forgiven.  This is a lifelong journey, a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus. So it ebbs and flows.  And He is always calling us to deeper and deeper intimacy with Him.  I want to go deeper. I don't want to be stagnant, complacent and most importantly I don't want to be distracted from my TRUE love.  I can get so busy DOING things for the Lord that I am not spending enough time WITH Him and letting our relationship really grow. True intimacy with Him strengthens the roots of love.  I want to be rooted and grounded in Him. 

As I was pondering these revelations in my heart, the book of Hosea came to mind because it is so apropos to THIS particular season of my life.  I have a strong affinity for that book because God has spoken to me, through Hosea, so intensely over the past three years.  God has shown me His GRACE upon GRACE and His FAITHFULNESS in my unfaithfulness over and over again.  And He is constantly taking me to deeper places of intimacy through His Word.  

Needless to say Hosea had been on my heart.  Shortly after I opened up an email, only to find a fourteen day devotional series called Passionate Pursuit. Guess what book of the Bible it was based on?! Hosea!!  It was one of the those "you have got to be kidding me?!?" moments that God does so often.  He loves to sweep us off of our feet and blow us away with His all consuming love and courtship of our hearts.  I read the devotional and was so overwhelmed by every little detail and how perfectly He knows me and exactly what I need.  It was like a personal hand-written love letter from Him to me. I could feel my heart pounding and tears welling in my eyes.  It was too much!! I didn't deserve it! Of course not!  But He loves to lavish HIS love on us!!! He took my breathe away.  I could just hear Him saying to me "Malorie, no man will ever pursue you the way I pursue you. My love is as strong as death. Waters cannot quench this furious LOVE I have for you! I will never stop pursuing you!"  He is right!  No human being could ever know me or pursue me as intimately or fervently as my God. The GOD of the universe.  He KNOWS me more than I know me. He formed me in my mother's womb. He knows every detail, every thought, every breathe I take.  You can't get more intimate than that, or more KNOWN and LOVED than that.  I truly feel that God is telling me, "You will KNOW when you are being pursued. Until then (and always) you pursue me."  I will KNOW, because GOD makes HIS pursuit so clear.  There is no confusion.  God is a God of peace and order and clarity.  There is no doubt or fear or question when it comes to His pursuit of my heart.   That is the BEST pursuit, a lifelong eternal courtship with my God!  Everything else will be made clear to me in HIS timing, and I won't have to try to figure it out.  He takes the utmost care of His children's hearts!!  Just keep running after God, forever, because He is always running after you.  He will bring you the right companion to run alongside with, toward Him. 

And He has been continuing to write me His loves letters...To be continued. 

*The next blog posting will be the "Day 1 Passionate Pursuit Devotional" 

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