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Redeem. Rebuild. Restore. Root.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.
I will build you up again,
and you, Virgin Israel, will be REBUILT.
Again you will...go out to dance with the joyful.
Again you will PLANT vineyards...

the farmers will plant them
and enjoy their FRUIT…"

OKAY let me just start here-- So we went over earthquakes and burning down and tearing down yesterday. Now God is sharing the REBUILDING part. He is so encouraging and affirming. He doesn't waste any time in giving us even more HOPE. I love that He is saying over and over again that He will build us up again, rebuild, plant and root us in His love. That we will be fruitful for Him and for His Kingdom and others to enjoy our fruit (His fruits in us). The only way a plant can be fruitful is to be first pruned and cut back. That's where we were at yesterday-- going through the fire and earthquake to shake away and burn away anything that is not of Him. Anything that will not bring Him glory. We are trees of righteousness planted for His namesake to display His splendor. What an honor!

"See, I will bring them from the land of the north
and gather them from the ends of the earth...
They will come with weeping;
they will pray as I bring them back.
I will lead them beside streams of water
on a level path where they will not stumble,
because I am [her] father,
and [he] is my firstborn son…

‘He who scattered Israel will gather them
and will watch over his flock like a shepherd.’

That is just so beautiful that God is constantly bringing us back to the fold and pursuing us. He gathers us after we have been scattered. He lovingly leads us beside still waters to refresh us and watches over our every step so that we do not fall. What an amazing Father we have. We may flee to the dark, distant, lonely places-- but even darkness is as light to Him, and where can we flee from His presence? He is ever-present, always near. (Psalm 139).

"For the Lord will DELIVER [you]
and REDEEM [you] from the hand of those stronger than [you]...
They will be like a well-watered garden,
and they will sorrow no more. (v.12)
Then young women will dance and be glad,
young men and old as well.
I will turn their mourning into gladness;
I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.
I will satisfy [them] with abundance,
and my people will be filled with my bounty (generosity, inheritance, plenty, reward,'declares the Lord." -Jeremiah 31:3-14

I mean. Wow. We get to be like a well-watered garden for God. He is the LIVING Water. His Spirit in us. Well-springs of life. He loves to turn our sadness into JOY and mourning into dancing! I just love the way He wants to satisfy us with His goodness and abundance. To FILL us with His reward. Not just 'meet our needs.' No. Above and beyond our needs and desires. To the FULLNESS of CHRIST. It is like a husband who goes to fill up her wife's gas tank and then comes back with a NEW car, full tank and all. That is how God lavishes His love on us.

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