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Father God-- Adopted.

"The moment we hear that voice- that voice of love that speaks tenderly to us without regard for our performance-our days in the orphanage are numbered."- Ed McGlasson (from the book The Father You've Always Wanted)

We look to Our Father for our identity. Our inheritance.  He replaces our shame and gives us our true name.  Imagine a child in an orphanage, waiting to be chosen.  Family after family comes through, and still they remain. No one has picked them.  That child might start to internally question "Am I good enough?  Am I worthy?  What is wrong with me?" Those are some very deep questions, especially during such a formative time in a child's life. A child's self-worth is shaped so much by their relationship with their father, and with their family.  Whether it is your reality or just metaphorically speaking-- we are all orphans.  Somewhere deep down, there is gnawing at our soul and a tugging at our hearts for more than this world has to offer.   A God-shaped hole, if you will.  We are seeking out that relationship with our Heavenly Father, and we may not even realize that's what or WHO we are longing for.  Because truth be told- His love is the only perfect love. No matter how amazing our father's or mother's have been- they are only human. Some go to heaven, what seems to be, much too soon.  Other's are with us for years and years.  Yet the only One who sees us through it all, and will never leave or fail us- is God.

I just had an amazing opportunity to record and share my testimony for my churches new sermon series in the fall.  In preparing my heart for this and praying over what God wanted me to share, He revealed so much to me in this area.  Here is a little blurb taken straight out of my journal:

I was the prodigal, orphan, fatherless daughter.  Now I am an adopted daughter of almighty God.   I lost my 'identity' after my dad died, and then I searched for it through everyone else but God. Yet He is so faithful even after all my wandering and running. He had my identity all along --hidden in Jesus Christ.  Our inheritance and name and standing is in our Father.   God gave that back to me. He gave back what was lost as a seven year old and redeemed it tenfold. My worth is priceless to Him. I am His treasure.

He kept highlighting the word "valuable" to me over the last few weeks. How valuable we are to Him. Precious.

Valuable (adjective)- Costly. Worth a good price.
a : having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities
b : of great use or service

Costly. Yes.  The cost of a perfect Savior's life.  Having esteemed characteristics. Yes.  God created us in His own image and is in an ongoing process of sanctifying us to be more like Jesus.  "He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it."- Philippians 1:6  Of great use or service.  Wow.  God knows what we are capable of in and through Him.  We are of much use to Him, and great service for His Kingdom.  That is an honor.  If you start to ever question your worth-- look to Him and what He says about you.  You are of GREAT VALUE to the God of the universe.  Your Father has permanently adopted you into His family.  

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