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Garage Sale Tales 101 : Miracles where you least expect them

So one of my favorite GOD moments from the garage sale was about my dad's mountain bike.  I have been holding onto it for years-- I got new breaks on it, and tires, in hopes of riding it myself.  Come to find out-- my dad was just too tall.  I could barely get one leg over the thing without falling over.  So we put it out for sale.  At first we really over-priced it, mainly because of sentimental purposes.  Then we had one man who was interested but he was really trying to talk me down on the price, from $150 to $125 to $85.  It wasn't so much about the price but the way he was pushing.  I had even told him that it had been my dad's bike, and he passed way when I was a little girl so it was special to me.  He didn't budge.  That was hard for me.  Something in my gut just didn't sit right with it.  So I told him no.  When he left, I thought-- well no one else may buy it for any higher, or buy it at all, but that is okay.  I just really want it to go to a good home.  No joke, ten minutes later my grandparents neighbor comes over and asks if he can take the bike for a spin.  I said, "Of course!"  I had a really good feeling about him.  He had come over earlier in the day with his grand-daughter and we gave him a little toy for her.  When he came back he asked about the price.  I lowered it to $115.  He asked if I would take $100.  I shared with him about my dad, and he genuinely listened and cared.  I said, I would gladly take $100.  I was excited because I would still get to see the bike whenever he rides it around the neighborhood at my grandparents.  The fact that the bike brought him so much joy, brought me so much joy.  And I know that's what my dad would have wanted.  After he rode off with it I found out from my Grandparents that the man who bought the bike is a chaplain at a hospital.  That is so amazing!!! God is so good!  The bike truly went to a good home and a good heart.  Oh and his wife works at Los Gatos Christian School which is at Venture (my church).  Crazy connections like that were happening all day at the sale, I'm telling you.

Another story that touched my heart deeply was this woman who lives several blocks down the street near my elementary school.  She bought my mom's old patio set.  Did I mention we have been trying to get rid of this thing forever?!  I took up so much space.  It was beautiful, but big.  This huge marble and granite table with six rod iron chairs.  So she comes and looks at it and wants to buy it.  We had people going back to look at the table all morning but no interest at all really.  We lowered the price and still nothing.  It was a $2,000 set, we were selling it for $350 at that point.  So her and her husband came and she was the first one to truly want it.  I was so excited.  So then she starts to connect with me and tell me this backstory about how she saw this table at Costco 7 or 8 years ago but could not afford it.  She wanted it so badly but knew it would never be in the budget.  She prayed God would provide if it was His will.  She knew I was a Christian because I had a bunch of Christian books out for sale.  So we started to connect about that and hit it off.  Then she told me that in a month her son is coming home from his college graduation and she is hosting his big dinner in her backyard.  She was asking God how she was going to make it work, with a little rinky-dink table and chair set on the patio and nothing nice outside.  So then she saw my ad on the neighborhood website and I posted about a patio set.  It peaked her interest.  She thought- maybe, just maybe it could be the same set she had longed for years ago.  When she arrived and saw the matching chairs sitting on the front lawn she was beside herself.  She couldn't believe that all those years later God had really provided that exact table and patio set she asked for-- and JUST IN TIME for her son's grad party nonetheless.  Then my mom sold her some beautiful lanterns that she fell in love with too, for the backyard.  Her husband bought them for her, and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Wow this must all be a mother's day gift! I am so blown away by God right now!" And we kept saying how God provides and how amazing He is.

I am telling you-- the day was FULL of stories like that.  Good thing I didn't let a little black eye stop me from experiencing all of these little miracles and blessings.  I would have missed out big time.  Shutout and BIG THANKS to my family and friends for helping me still go through with it.  Ya'll are THE best.

GOD BLESS my lovely friends!!!

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