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Oceans… Spirit Lead Me

This was a pretty special moment one of the nights in Kona that I haven't had a chance to write down and share with ya'll. Me, Holly, and Hannah were waiting for my mom at this beautiful restaurant overlooking the Ocean.

Only a few feet away was a man playing the ukulele and singing beautiful Hawaiian songs. The mood was set. As we were walking out of the restaurant the same man looks at us girls and says, "Aren't you going to sing?!" He proceeded saying, "C'Mon! Sing Oceans!" I couldn't believe it. We looked around at each other, and giggled. Then I realized he was serious, when he reached the mic out to me. How could he have known that I sing Oceans all the time?! Or that I even sing? Or that I would be sooo utterly blessed by this moment and this night. Well maybe he didn't, but GOD KNEW, and God prompted him. How special is that?! What a wonderful Father we have!! So I walked over to him and we started singing 'Oceans' while overlooking the Hawaiian ocean. It was dreamy, God is dreamy. I think the locals at the restaurant were just as shocked as I was about how it all fell into place so perfectly. By God's grace alone. THIS was just ONE of GOD'S GLORY moments on our trip. The way He orchestrated it all makes my inner child jump around. Divine Appointments all around. God blessed and encouraged my heart so much in this one encounter. More than that, I pray He did the same and unleashed His heart, joy and presence upon everyone in that restaurant-- locals and tourists. The ukulele player and singer kept singing Jesus ever so sweetly in the background. It was a moment that I will never forget. Seriously. Pure JOY. Glory to GOD, all the way around! I saw and felt His hand and presence in it all.

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