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Please pray and support my sweet friend -- BONE MARROW transplant

PLEASE pray for and support my sweet friend Brandon Farmer and his family for a bone marrow transplant he SO desperately needs (along with chemo he is going to be undergoing as well). 
***If you would like to help out Brandon and his family (link below)***
I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon at Venture's High school ministry two years ago and leading worship with him several times. Let me just say this kid not only has the most beautiful gifts and voice but truly has one of THE most incredible hearts for Jesus and served Him passionately, cheerfully and always gave Him ALL the glory. He is a kind friend to all who know and meet him and is always, and I mean always willing to serve, be a listening ear, or put a smile on your face. Check the links I posted below on my timeline for more info on how to support Brandon and his family through this. WE LOVE YOU KID! heart emoticon God loves you MOST!

More info: They learned Brandon has a degenerative disease, and the life expectancy for it is in the low/mid 20’s, due to complications from cancer or overwhelming infections. We also learned a bone marrow transplant could be a possible cure.

They were unable to find a Bone marrow match for Brandon, so he will have what is called a Haploidentical marrow transplant. This is when marrow from a parent or sibling is used, as they are a half-match to the recipient. They will be doing his transplant within these next few months. 

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