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Christmas Caroling for the Soul

Haute Bride Christmas Dinner at Aldo's on Tuesday December 20th.  I love these ladies (we call each other the sparkle mafia). So blessed to know them, work alongside them, and call them friends.  My boss Lindsie (third back on the left hand side) treated us to a beautiful dinner and surprised us with these GORGEOUS diamond necklaces!  I am still in shock.  What an incredible evening we had together.  The next day at work, I was gushing with my friend (also known as my coworker Ariana) about how lucky we are that we all love spending time together and have these friendships with each other.  If Lindsie read that I called her my boss she might cringe and it does feel a bit strange calling her that, even though she is a such a boss, but in the the best sense of the word.  She runs the show like nobodies business, but she is also a close friend and role model to all of us girls, so she feels more like family than anything.
Here are some pictures from the Christmas Caroling worship night we put together with a group of us at my sweet friend Sophie's home.  The scene was straight out of a Hallmark movie.  The literal fireplace behind us with real firewood was crackling and the tree was lit up like the brightest sparkler you can imagine; glistening in all its splendor.  We sat around the fire all cozy with hot coco, tea and blankets and sang about 20-25 Christmas songs, hymns and carols together; laughing and worshipping all the way through it all.  Sophie's parents so graciously made a HUGE pot of chili (the best I've ever had) for us to all enjoy afterwards and we sat around the dinner table together and blessed the meal.  We all stayed late and talked for a couple more hours. I ended up staying until after midnight to get some extra Sophie time and even extra guitar jam sesh time with her :) What a treat.  The whole night was beyond a treat.  God is so good.  It's so funny you never know what you are going to get but just be obedient and HE will do something extraordinary.  Beyond what you could ask, think or imagine.  I even got to spend the day with my step-dad after church, having a step-daddy/ daughter date at a bakery in Morgan Hill over tea and bread pudding. And then I went to Sophie's and cuddled up by the heater outside in the crisp winter's air and bundled up in blankies and had a "heart-pour-out-session." Much needed.  A long time coming. I literally cried when I first saw her and she hugged me for about five minutes.  That's how long it had been.  God knows just what we need.  We are hoping to plan a couple more of these worship nights in the New Year -- maybe at the Castle (the Willow Glen house).  I had some requests afterwards and we all had such a blast, so it is definitely on my heart and radar.  This is my jam and I'm sticking to it.  House worship nights.  Prayer appreciate for support in moving forward :) More to come... 

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