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Home sweet home Alabama

It has been such a sweet welcome home so far : ) I am getting settled in quite nicely. But the journey was not pilgrimage to Alabama was anything but smooth. Not that I expected it to walk with God is not a bump-less road, but full of growth, freedom and lessons. I would not recommend driving across the country in a tiny Eclipse, with your whole life and your best friend crammed in it. Haha funny visual. Casey and I dodged several tornadoes along the way in Texas and Mississippi. Wwe drove through some pretty scary ghost towns all by ourselves, after driving back to back nine hours days and staying at little hotels along the way. It sure felt like survival and was an eye opening experience and an adventure to say the least. We stopped in Roswell, New Mexico which was a little creepy and then headed through Texas trying to avoid the crazy weather. was our new best friend. We almost re-routed to Oklahoma but luckily I listened to my gut instinct and my grandfathers advice and steered clear of Oklahoma. Thank God, because thirteen tornadoes hit the very next day. After driving through some crazy thunderstorms we finally arrived on Thursday night to my new home sweet home. And oh how sweet it was! It was that much sweeter, having just gone all of that on our journey here. Luke 18:9-20. We left all we had and followed God. Stripped of every comfort, we truly have to rely on God and our relationship with Him goes that much deeper and stronger. As hard as it was, I wouldn't change it for the world. "I find the journey hard but it's the reason I was born."
Now that I am all unpacked and moved in, Casey and I are having fun decorating. She has been helping me sooo much! She is staying until Wednesday. We may be serving together at a Basement event this weekend. How fun! I love my new roomate...her name is Jaime. She had my whole room ready with the bed and tv and beautiful bedspread and curtains with a little welcome home sign on the door. She folded some towels on both sides of the bed one for me and one for Casey with our favorite magazines and snacks on each side. It was soo thoughtful and sweet. She even had hangers in the closet and some of my favorite grocery's in the fridge for me. Some of the girls from the Basement are coming over tonight to see my new home and Casey and I are going to church together on Sunday and then over to my girlfriend Gabby's house after for lunch and hanging out by the pool. Things have been so busy and all the girls have been so sweet that I haven't had much time to be homesick...God's grace for sure! God has been protecting and covering Casey and I on this whole journey! It has been a journey of growth, healing and love so far. We have had some amazing conversations about God and spirituality. She said the most amazing thing to me after she journaled last night. She said that she has been watching me on this whole road trip and just taking it all in and that it is truly beautiful to see Malorie spread her wings and fly. WOW!

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  1. I love this....what a beautiful story. I'm happy things are going well for you! keep the updates coming :D