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Last Night, Casey's departure, new chapter

Last night was incredible! Still coming down from the spiritual high . Casey and I sat front row (and I mean front and center) at the Basement. Worshipping together, singing, dancing, laughing...amazing! Matt Pitt was on fire! I got to go backstage with the band and then they brought me up on stage after worship. It blew my mind that they would put me up on stage again! Me?!?!?! God uses the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places. I am honored and humbled by this warm reception from the Basement family and by God's faithful love! Last night was definitely the grand finale to this journey with Casey. Today is her last day : ( I know the homesickness will kick in the minute I make my departure at the airport and make my back to my new home. Luckily I have a wonderful roommate and also a fabulous group of girls that I can lean on from the Basement.
I am so grateful for this time I did get to share with my sister Casey on this crazy adventure that I will never ever forget. I know it has changed my life forever, and I am sure it has changed hers as well. Lots of healing, introspection, reflection, growth...and sooo much more! It brought tears to my eyes to watch her worshipping last night, among the thousands of other fired up Jesus lovers! Yes I said it...Jesus lovers! Well we love the Lord don't we?!? And we are loud and proud, unashamed! I am so thankful because my mom and my grandparents got to see the whole service last night on It was streaming live while I was on stage. How awesome, to get to share this experience with them : ) My mom even said she felt like she was right there with me, I definitely felt her presence and her heart. Cant wait till she comes out here at the end of July...woo hoo!
Looking forward to my first leadership meeting as an official leader, on Monday. Can't wait to start serving the Lord. All the glory to Him!

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  1. God has surely blessed your journey's from California to Alabama and it will be such a wonderful memory for both you and Casey. I am sure you will cherish it for a lifetime, but don't fret because you will have many more adventures with God and Casey. God Bless you both and I will pray Casey will have a safe trip home. Love u. Fujian Momma