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Finding a good roomie is just as important, if not more important that finding a good room. I am seeing more a more reasons and connections as to why God paired Jaime and I together. Besides the fact that she is a worship leader too and is friends with the music pastor of the Basement, we have so much else in common too! She has dealt with similar health issues as me in the past, and has a lot of experience, strength and hope to offer me : ) Her dad reminds me of my grandpa-they both have beautiful voices and are faithful men of God. She totally knows what homesickness feels like because she moved from New Hampshire a few years ago, where her whole family still resides. Empathy is a beautiful and wonderful quality to have, but it is not something you can learn from a must learn from experience. You can only lead others as far as you've gone and you can only empathize with as much as you've been through. So I count every struggle and trial I have been through as gain, because now I am able to truly empathize and have compassion with others. Jaime can totally empathize with my homesickness...among other things. She is a great listener too, which is wonderful because we all need someone to just listen to us don't we? To be heard and seen for who we really are, and still accepted and loved-the way God loves us. Even more of a gift than being heard, is to be the one to listen. I have been listening and hearing her process stuff too. It is a wonderful give and take! I think that listening is truly an fact my friend and I just talked about the art of listening and how it is one of the most selfless and loving acts. It is a gift to be able to truly listen to and hear others, without thinking in your heard while they talk, about what you are going to say next in your head. It is meditative. To empty yourself of your worries and just really listen to someone else's for a while...with a sincere and loving heart. Beautiful! I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can only keep it if you give it away-give LOVE!
I am very excited because I have been applying for some really cool jobs around here, one of which is a freelance writing gig. I would love to do that! I mean I write for atleast an hour (if not more) a day anyways, might as well get paid to do it. Haha easier said than done. If it's God's will He will make it happen : ) God's got me thinking WAY outside the box, which is really exciting! I am just going to keep taking the leaps of faith and trusting Him. He got me this far, He will remain faithful-providence flows. Tomorrow night I get to go to a wonderful function called The Hope for the Nation Dinner with Connie. What an honor! I can't wait to meet Linda Oliver, she is one of Connie's mentors and a wonderful Christian recording artist. I admire her and her work very much. I will take pictures!

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